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Things that will make her yours picture

Every man has a lady he will like to be with but the question is do they meet them, and how do they maintain the ladies in the relationship.

Nowadays the ladies are not interested is sweet words the trend has switch to some thing else. My question is what is that thing which the ladies are now interested in?

From my research about this issue i realize that ladies nowadays have some things they take pleasure in, i will talk about three of these things in the article.

Three keys to make her yours forever.

* Words are good but gifts surpasses all the amount of words you would used. A little gift can be appreciated by a lady than a millions of words you have been using.

* Make her your friend, one of the best way of attracting a lady is to make her your friend, let her have a feel of your decision and involve her in the things you do. A lady will never think of breaking up with a guy who is her best friend because she always feel happy being around him. When ever a breakup issue pop up she will think of this who will I share my stuff with when we breakup. Been her best friend bring transparency into your relationship.

* Introduce her to your family and friends. Every woman feel secure when her guy makes her known to everyone around him, introducing her is one of the great way of making a woman yours forever. Never think hiding her is a good thing, this brings distrust into a relationship and lead to insecurity.

My fellow friends i edge you to adhere to this practices and you will never loose your girl.

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