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Secret of betting.

Secret of betting. picture

Betting is now one of the way most young people make a living.

 Is betting really good for the youth of our country? This is the big question people keep asking but today I will use this opportunity to educate the public on how we make money out of betting.

I believe nowadays the betting companies connive with some football clubs to cause the public lose huge money during their games, but is this really true? Sometimes it turn to be true but that is not the  rseason why people are not winning, the most reason is that those who are staking are greedy and they always want to use a small amount to win huge amount which is not always possible. 

The Secret in Betting. 

1. When betting do not stake on a slip which is more than five (5) Odds, with a huge amount. 

2. Do not bet with a small amount when you trust the Odds .

3. Do a personal check well before staking even if the odds were given to you by a good tipper.

4. Try playing safe when you feel doubt about the Odds, playing safe means looking for the best option that will make you win the slip.

5. It will be very good if you stake huge amounts on odds that are two (2) plus. The possibility of winning these odds are very high. 

6. If possible I will advise you to stake on a single game with a huge amount. Let say staking on a game that has 3 odds and after your checks you are convinced that the game will go through, then you should stake 400 on the 3 odds which will give you times 3 of the 400 you staked.

7. Stop buying odds from fake people,  know who you are communicating with before doing anything further. 



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