Kojo Luda set to Release!!!

Kojo luda set to release!!! picture

The management of Chorknation and it artist Kojo Luda is set release their anticipating banger which the general public have been waiting for. From the management the track will be released between the hours of 12:00pm -12:30pm on the 27th September 2019.

Kojo Luda the man who recently claimed he resurrected cocoa city rap music, after Kojo statement of bringing back the rap music, there arose a long controversy talk among the rap music artists and even in the cocoa city music industry (western north music industry).

Despite the controversy Kojo Luda has been consistent in his music career, as he is set to release a new banger tittle "GY33BO" .

When the noble team of wilblogh media had an interaction with Kojo Luda on his new track which is yet to be release, Kojo had only two words for the general public and these words was the track will be fire and really entertaining, which he believes will turn many to love good lyrical music and stop spoiling their ears with those noisy tunes.

From the recent controversy Luda have now become mentor of most upcoming Artists. 

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