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I resurrected cocoacity rap music, kojo luda claims. picture

I RESURRECTED COCOACITY RAP MUSIC Kojo Luda claims responsibility for making sleeping rappers in the Western North Region Music Industry (COCOACITY MUSIC) to sit up and improve their rap talents as he drops his next hit Song GY3 3BO a Sefwi statement which translates ARE YOU GETTING DRUNK?

It’s obvious Music is dynamic and hence evolves every now and then. The World Of Music has seen this revelations in countless times and during certain periods very active artistes and musicians fall out of favor or probably become dormant some even switch genres just to stay relevant. Truth be told Western North Music is no exception of this revelation and for a very long time now the Cocoacity music industry has been dominated by hiplife/Highlife and Afro dancehall with rap music being buried for reasons better know to dormant or as Kojo Luda will say Teletabies rappers these guys are sleeping on their talents leaving them irrelevant for a while now nevertheless last Year Western North Music witness the birth of a New Cassius Clay. After receiving the award for Best New Artiste/ Discovery Artiste of the year, Kojo Luda never slept on this accolade going a long way to rekindle the dying Cocoacity rap game. With songs like One Perma,Nam1 and the most controversial song No King Rules Forever, made rappers like King Virgin, Kwabena Currency, Ananse Tac, OneRep Africa,Mandem Yopic, Kwabena Lyta, Radikal to mention but a hand full, to improve their rap game and also show some self acclaimed local champions the Throne was monopolistic back then but it’s a Free Market now. The world could judge this hearing as well as award schemes and several other stakeholders in the industry should recognize this Revolution and do away with all sort of favoritism in awarding or supporting talents in the industry. I’m short the obvious and as well hard truth is Kojo Luda Resurrected rap music in Cocoacity. Don’t be a Thomas find time to listen to songs from Kojo Luda, songs like Watch Yourself, Ace, Pressure which he got featured on by Kwabena Currency, Champion Remix also got featured by Curtis Jubilant etc.. 
If an investor, award Schemes or event organizer happens to search for the best outta of the Cocoacity music industry then tell them KOJO LUDA is what they seek because lyrically no artiste in Cocoacity comes closer to his Rap Prowess. 
This new release Gy3 3bo is also part of his brands intention to campaign against excessive drinking among youth.

Follow him on social media to see more of his work as well as details to bookings and enquiries @KOJO LUDA.

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